Christmas assortment


For Christmas, we are offering a complete assortment of Picea glauca conica, with/without added value.


Throughout the year, we offer an attractive assortment of miniature conifers in pot sizes C1 and C2.

Forever Green


Durability and quality

We have devoted so much time and effort to providing a well-cared-for product and ensuring that our company is a well-run that our customers have come to take these things for granted. Which explains why Forever Green has for years enjoyed the certification of MPS Florimark Production, and why all our products proudly bear the Fair Flowers Fair Plants consumers’ label. For its products, Forever Green employs only the purest of materials, from the young plant all the way to delivery.
At Forever Green, quality is such an integral part of what we do that it requires no further explanation. We provide our own starting materials, and, thanks to a comprehensively automated system, are able to guarantee premium quality from the young plant to the finished product.

Forever Green
Assortment and options

A large and wide assortment of conifers and Picea glauca conica

All year round, Forever Green offers an up-to-date assortment of miniature conifers in pot sizes C1 and C2. And all year round, we provide a highly attractive range of products. For Christmas, we offer a comprehensive assortment of Picea glauca conica, in all standard and commercial sizes. We supply our products under our own Forever Green brand, but we can of course also supply them under any private label desired, entirely in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the customer, and including any language that may be required. We also offer customers the option of added value with the plants they purchase. We ensure that delivery is entirely in accordance with your wishes, or those of your customer.

 We are present on Plantarium
  August 22 till August 24 2018

Forever Green

We provide high-quality conifers and miniature Christmas trees

At Forever Green, a high level of efficiency has been attained through optimum coordination of the production and delivery processes at our refurbished company premises, and the use of automation. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with optimised service. It also makes it possible simultaneously to ship large orders to large retailers and DIY markets, and smaller ones to specialist green outlets.

We are fully aware of how important the factor of time is for our customers. For this reason, we use top-quality hauliers and are able to supply our products all over Europe, with short and clear supply schedules.

Forever Green
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